8 Worst ways to get into Real Estate!!!!!!!!!!

1. Planning- Just like you don’t walk onto the desert without a map or GPS, don’t just dive into the real estate market blindly have a plan.

2. Thinking you’ll get rich quick- This won’t happen!! EVER. You need to invest the time and education to be successful.

3. Playing Lone Ranger- Don’t go into this as plumber landlord, carpenter, real estate broker etc. Get help find mentors, people who are already doing this.

4. Paying too much- Don’t over price yourself out of the market. Too many investors spend too much on a flip and wonder why this beautiful property won’t sell.

5. Skipping homework- Just like buying a car do your research. You need to know the market trend of the neighborhood and its future before you buy a property.

6. Ducking due diligence- Investors often have to move very quickly on their deals. That doesn’t mean they sign a contract and write a check without plenty of research.

7. Misjudging cash flow- Make sure that you know the area rents. Know what you will pay for property taxes, insurance and repairs…Always keep a vacancy rate.

8. Miscalculating estimates. Many investors are in such a rush to buy that they underestimate their rehab costs and find themselves underwater before the project is even complete.

Real estate education is hugely important…You don’t need to go at it alone. We are not a “get rich quick” outfit.. But we are consistently making money in real estate.

Partner up with us and avoid the pitfalls.

We specialize in making money in Real Estate and that’s it!.
Choosing a Nitch takes time… we already have it down to at T.
Creating a plan…We have been doing this for over a decade.
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