You = Investor

Ownership Percentage for Investor: 51%

Orange Group = Partner

Ownership Percentage for Partner: 49%
The investors will finance all projects from start to finish. the partner will organize and manage all projects from start to finish and will manage the portfolio as well.

Return of Investment:

Investor will receive 75% of rents until investment is paid in full.
Partner will receive 25% of rents
After investment is paid in full, the split will change to 50/50
3rd- 5th year the Investment will be paid in full


Partner will manage properties for FREE as part of the partnership arrangement. Any maintenance will be done at cost ($15 per hour plus materials).
Workhorse General Contractors LLC will manage the rehab or “flipping” projects.

How long does the process take?

Month 0-2 Acquisition Phase (purchasing and closing)
Months 1-2 Rehab Phase (if there is work to be done)
Months 1-3 Lease/Tenant Phase (finding a qualified tenant for the units)

Exit Strategy

This is an extraordinary acquisition where the Investor will have his return in less than 5 years. Investor can decide to sell at any time and will be owed 51% of current market value when sold.