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16 Unit Luxury Apartments South Flordia

Listing Price $7,750,000 Rents Total: $48,000 monthly ​16 extremely large 2 bed 2.5 bath units that range in size between 1650-1900 sq ft.

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Investment Property Renderings

Listing Price $925,000 North & South side Milwaukee Property Package From single families, duplex and multifamily properties this package

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Package Deal Miami

Listing Price $1,379,000 Pre-foreclosed development site 25 apartments 5 commercial units 1 mile west of the Brickell Area.

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Investor Partner Wanted LLC is a unique arrangement that allows inexperienced real estate investors to capitalize on huge opportunities with minimal risk. We specialize in residential and commercial investment properties; we help current investors with little experience along with new investors with zero experience. Why go at it alone? The investment property in the USA has become an overnight successful idea globally. But without having experience and seasoned professionals working with you makes it a real big disadvantage to you as an investor. We have the resources and the deals all around us. Right now commercial investment properties are underrated and can bring you income for years to come. Yes people are buying investment properties all over the USA, but not all of them are making money. That is where we come in.


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